when will you 13july2019

when will you realise, that I'm only here, by your side. drowning inside your lies, burry me deep in your eyes, when will you open your mind? see im sat, I'm by your side. treat me like a piece of dirt? rub my face in shit, until I'm hurt. why is it not enough? that, … Continue reading when will you 13july2019


Your body, real, Solid. Your shadow seen, Grey, Dark around the sketching. Your body, real, A solid, Oxygen, atoms. Your body real, Legs, move, walk, Feet, drop, stomp, I lift your arms, Up Then Down They don't flop, because you look at me strangely and tense them. Your body real, Blood, A liquid, Bones a … Continue reading Vanish


Keep on clawing at the skin, Keep on going back and picking, Picking. Crows don't care about the mud, They stand in the puddles, Feet surrounded by water, They're pretty neat and clever little creatures, Dance along to sorror songs, Life's strange like that, It would have been nice, I went back to the scene … Continue reading Proof