missed (human contact)

I missed your warmth around me the skin on skin contact that connection that makes you feel complete I missed it when our eyes would meet I missed your careless observations of the world when you said you didn't want any other girl your lingering feeling like your soul within me I miss us being … Continue reading missed (human contact)


(adult content/visual upsetting language ) Baby's breath still warm from battle screeches and tugging of uncut cord from mothers wounds cold touch would be unjoyous bleeding gushes,  scars mark places where a human was once homed.   baby's breath gasping and face mottled skin colour pink oxygen new food, a new survival skill to learn as fresh … Continue reading baby


New father winces and paces up hospital ward floors with swinging doors and clamped down windows he is hesitant after no sleep  and craves comforting, he wants attention even if physically nothing has been happening to him, he is exhausted, the true reality of becoming a dad is overwhelming, that walking away seems like the … Continue reading father


I always get tanned toes Because I put suncream on up to my elbows And who knows If you’ll stay or if you’ll go? I see that’s just how things tend to be Tomorrow I don’t know who I will be Seasons change like my personality Really, I shouldn’t care what you think of me … Continue reading Toes


Your face it shines like baby smooth skin even though your 20 something. Your hair its silk lets anyone in and if you're on a mission to find a man then I will give you the tips of what you should do and cant people gonna be jealous of where you're at and stealing your … Continue reading Youth