I  am really, really happy and over the moon that my book has received two, five star reviews already despite minor hiccups and errors (kindle publishing process is a bit confusing)  …

this means so much to me and makes me want to continue to be creative and write even more, even if I am just a pin drop in the ocean.



do what you love and keep going





thankyou again everyone





Absorb : round in circles


when we began,

I absorbed into your life,

we fell in fast,
at a steep pace,
we seemed to find,
a common ground.
your clothes became my new, wardrobe.
hoodies. tops. socks.
I found myself.
tripping up on your shoelaces.
calling you my boyfriend.
I absorbed into you living space,
and melted into you life.
although the mould quite different now,
and when we met,
you like a baby bird,
I took you from your mother’s nest,
so you return,
will you mature?
we break away,
but then again,
your faviorite flavours become mine,
and your T. V shows take over my life,
maybe, maybe,
things will work out perfectly,
as we remake the same mistakes,
of absorbing
yet again.


absent father aka delayed defense
you have no right to criticise,
until you’ve pulled a mouth off your breasts
and cried,
one tooth away from bloody milk,
breastfeeding our son until almost 2.
you have no right to prise,
no right to take the mick and call me names,
no right to question my ab il it y,
im a good damn mum its built in me!
hold my grudge, I know, I can.
I don’t have balls but I’m a better man!
you have no right to call me out!
no right to shout so loud,
yeah im wierd but I’m fucking proud!
you’ve got no clue what I’ve been through,
I shouldn’t have to justify myself,
I’ll make it soon to the higher shelf,
with or without your help… you have no right to judge me,
until you’ve been up every single night for the last,
2 years
every cut and graze was you there?

first dates first hate, will you care?

put me down again don’t you dare!