Austerity and Politics Poetry

This section is poetry about Brexit, austerity, benefits, poverty and political affairs.

benefits mum

hello its me
another benefits mum
another where the fucks my child maintenance?
skint at the end of the week
if i rent a house they need 6 month bank statements
in case i’m dodgy
nothing is private

hello its me
another benefits mum
I’ve had my housing delayed
rent nearly late
I made it
tried to get work
but the childcare cost more than a roof and food combined

Hi its me another benefits mum
apart from i’m always off my bum
i’m walking around these streets day in and out repeatedly
and now i’m
another mum asking another mum for a lump sum
to get some food for the little ones

its me
such a strange life to be
when money is controlling me
trapped in a system
cant break free
politicians put a number on me
like a cow in a field
and the media makes me sound like i am some kind of scum
but its hard i have little ones calling me mum
so i must have a responsibility
but the pressure society puts on me
makes me feel like i cant breathe
people assume its how i want to be
i could imagine being anywhere better…..

To the friends at jobcenter; please get a waiting room for families and children.

In February/ March time I was rocky on my feet and needed to start up a new life and new claim , and carry on my journey to attempting to revisit my degree which I hope to be doing later this year. It was 30mph record winds and I had arrived early at the centre with my 7 month old daughter and 3 year old son. He was cold and shivering so I went inside the job center only to be told to get out and that I’m not allowed to stand inside and that they took away the waiting room. So this is a poem based on a bad time, and a stinky attitude.
You can kick me out on my arse,
Make a deal,
Make a farce,
Make me look like I’m a mess!
A waste of space, a waste of breath,
You can chuck me out on my arse!
You can make me look like I’m useless,
But take it out on my kids,
My Baines,
You’ll see a woman, that you’ve made,
I scrape and scrimp, I raise and wimp,
A generation for the next tax profiting chimps,
You think I’m dumb,
No, I’ve had enough,
Now get a waiting room made for us!
Make us stand in freezing cold,
To sign on for money that I have been told,
I must claim whilst I’m on a break,
I’m sick,
Just child birthed,
And if you haven’t heard,
Marriage is dying off!
Men seem to get off lightly?
And this is what disturbs me slightly!
That you can,
You can kick me out on my arse!
Make a deal,
Make a farce,
Make me look like I’m a mess!
A waste of space, a waste of breath,
You can chuck me out on my arse,
You can make me look like I’m a waste,
But take it out on my kids!
My Baines ,
You’ll see a woman that you’ve made…



I can’t get the card to work at the till
And the weighing machine is getting it wrong
The woman stares at me like I’m supposed to be superwoman
The bouncer follows like I’m causing trouble
I have a pram and a toddler crying
People glare, yeah it’s trying
I had to abandon the freshly packed bags
Not enough in the bank
Sometimes it feels like I’m stuck in a loop
At least I can get me and me kids some soup.
They don’t want much
It’s really sweet
but battling daily to make sure they’ve had something to eat
Feels like a human right dying
I sometimes hear my self standing and sighing
What will the government do?
Give a food bank voucher to me and you?
How many times will I have to wonder
Rising cost of living …
Nothing in the bank
Dragging my body through the puddles
I just need someone’s umbrella to help me recoup
Least  I can get me and me kids some soup.
I get looked at like im the criminal
Yet it’s the TV adverts that are subliminal
We can’t afford to eat
Get on a bus but there’s still no seats
Yet they still insist
McDonald’s should be on our daily list …
of things to do
I’m done with it
What about the parents who don’t pay child maintenance
No nhs dentists left and my tooth hurts
I can’t work
Child care more than the rent
The system is just so damn bent
But it’s all on me

Please leave me alone in the street

I don’t want to tick anything about my ethnic group

Surely it’s the least you could do

Just let me and me kids get some fucking soup.

i maybe on benefits 2014

I wrote this when I was single mum at 17 studying at Wyke 6th form in Hull. at the time there was a programme on BBC 4 called ‘benefits street’ which was extremely  controversial. I think it really annoyed me at the time because I was pushing against opinions about benefits that where negative. Views that made people on benefits look really awful. Obviously the worst cases and attitudes of people would be shown on TV otherwise who would watch it?

Benefits Street claimed to be a reality TV programme, I think lots of people played ignorant and didn’t realise the damage and stigma it was causing across the UK. I think I wanted to highlight that actually people on benefits aren’t just sat around on benefits ‘claiming streets’. Anyone could be on a benefit, you wouldn’t know unless you asked, or are close. Even then they don’t have to tell you. The power of judgement, ignorance and bad media is more damaging than you think.


I maybe on benefits,

but at least I’m not on benefits street,

I may take your  money to get back on my feet,

it may take time,

but at least I am trying,

wait with me awhile and lets see where I’m heading,

Just so long as you keep out of my face,

I don’t appreciate the yelling,

another statistic you say,

another single mum,

on the way,

under 25,

under educated,

another sign on day,

well I will prove you different,

and when I do,

I’ll give all the tax money back to you,

and when I do,

I’ll help others do that too,

I maybe on benefits but I am your neighbour,

I’m everywhere,

yeah, I could be a single mum,

or an old man in a wheel chair,

could be a professional that lost their job,

I could be married,

I could of been a millionaire.

Point is,

don’t judge me, it could be you.








…before I go

make sure you pick the litter up off the floor,

they preach to us about global warming,

then take our benefits without no warning,

stop the bin men coming,

the midwife calling,


such a complex yet beautiful sounding word.

silence your worries.




austerity an abandoned baby,

born by an alcoholic mother ; doesn’t care who the victim is…


a gypsy’s daughter,

a rich mans promise,

a dead mans profit….


fingernails in all pies, imaginable…


council estates; flammable.


rest in peace.

so sorry for the damage caused,

by neighbours we thought we could trust,


the poor and working class are virtually invisible,




all people need is clarity,

all we need is



the flint wheel,

of a lighter,

a man.







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