I lived with mum then dad.

I grew up with dad, then with mum, then with dad, and now with mum, then back with dad, but at mums house she had an ashtray full of little bits of trash and cigarette ash, a hamster that bit through the metal parts of the cage and ran away, at mums house it was … Continue reading I lived with mum then dad.


Steve (sorry if anyone's called Steve) Steve your like a pattern on the wall that I don't really like but can't be bothered to change Steve your the prime example of a soft centered cream egg hard on the outside but melt between the teeth Steve you angered me greatly used my generosity abused my … Continue reading Steve

deep sweets

deep sweets in deep dreams... lands of unknown, friends from unfamiliar places, faces hidden, sidewalks frosting over, I remember walking down it, the path it became, slimmer and slimmer, in deep sweet dreams... × mum used to say sweet dreams but the dreams all blend, faze into the days, dramatic, hectic, mangled mess, shouting and … Continue reading deep sweets


absent father aka delayed defense you have no right to criticise, until you've pulled a mouth off your breasts and cried, one tooth away from bloody milk, breastfeeding our son until almost 2. you have no right to prise, no right to take the mick and call me names, no right to question my ab … Continue reading absent