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To the friends at jobcenter; please get a waiting room for families and children.

In February/ March time I was rocky on my feet and needed to start up a new life and new claim , and carry on my journey to attempting to revisit my degree which I hope to be doing later this year. It was 30mph record winds and I had arrived early at the centre with my 7 month old daughter and 3 year old son. He was cold and shivering so I went inside the job center only to be told to get out and that I’m not allowed to stand inside and that they took away the waiting room. So this is a poem based on a bad time, and a stinky attitude.
You can kick me out on my arse,
Make a deal,
Make a farce,
Make me look like I’m a mess!
A waste of space, a waste of breath,
You can chuck me out on my arse!
You can make me look like I’m useless,
But take it out on my kids,
My Baines,
You’ll see a woman, that you’ve made,
I scrape and scrimp, I raise and wimp,
A generation for the next tax profiting chimps,
You think I’m dumb,
No, I’ve had enough,
Now get a waiting room made for us!
Make us stand in freezing cold,
To sign on for money that I have been told,
I must claim whilst I’m on a break,
I’m sick,
Just child birthed,
And if you haven’t heard,
Marriage is dying off!
Men seem to get off lightly?
And this is what disturbs me slightly!
That you can,
You can kick me out on my arse!
Make a deal,
Make a farce,
Make me look like I’m a mess!
A waste of space, a waste of breath,
You can chuck me out on my arse,
You can make me look like I’m a waste,
But take it out on my kids!
My Baines ,
You’ll see a woman that you’ve made…

I’ll get you through

She held my hair softly,
Straightens at the ready,
It will be ok,
Everything will be fine!
Laugh a smile.

I will get you through.
I got you.

She peered over the garden wall,
Brew to hand never cold,
It will be ok,
Everything will be fine!
Laugh a smile.

I will get you through,
I got you.

She recieved my text essay,
Oh how my life has started to get messy,
She might be far, but always there,
Don’t worry,
Everything will be ok,
Everything will be fine.

Text a smile.

I will get you through.
I got you.

These streets

These streets:

No one knows about these streets,
Raising kids among these streets,
Drugs and alcohol, bare feet,
Lonely animal,
These streets,
No one cares about these streets,
All up and down, in these streets,
Don’t cross their path, these streets,
Negative energy, feel weak.

Council meetings about these streets,
Rubbish flying round,
Nice treats.

Push you to the ground,
these streets,
Money drives the crowd,
these streets,
Do not make a sound,
In these street.

… look what I have found
To anxious to be about
In these streets
Spare a little change
And everything stays the same….

Welcome to the avenue.

Preston Road Abandoned estate in Hull

Ok , so this is going to be a tough post. I went down to see #prestonroad and it’s been a place I have been going over the last 3 years before the graffiti and before the demolition. I was on the verge of a very good local documentary but my source that was supporting me deleted and lost all of my footage. Which has been devastating.

As it could have been beneficial to the people in the area and a good piece to reflect back on what’s been going on.

Last month I walked around the deserted houses and was taking pictures like many of us have.

So was then stopped by a couple who was seemingly in distress they came out and spoke to me said that since the graffiti they have been subject to abuse things thrown at the house car almost damaged and now in storage they was already living in the middle of a ghost estate and although many of us have enjoyed the graffiti this has had massive negative impact on the people left behind and stuck in legal battle with the council which seemingly not taking care of the residents. …of course there is a duty of care. But on that day I heard and saw non of it , children as young as 10 climbing on to the roofs via scaffolding and 10 more additional arsons this year alone.

my hero is a man in blue uniform

emergency surgery :
my hero..  is a man in blue uniform,
a name I won’t recall,
what I have left from being under the knife,
scars are a reminder of my hero’s work,
he gave me chance to live my life,

for what he did im really glad,

I wish I could thank him over,
for everything he did back then,
I didn’t think I would make it,
but he made sure I stayed put,
need to stop thinking of this half filled cup,
think of all I’m greatful for,
I’m happy and I cant ignore,
the man in blue uniform.
He apologised that it wasn’t seen to sooner,
he saw the desprate suffering in my eyes,
I wish the nurses where just as kind,

I gave birth and her I left behind,
it sometimes goes in and out my mind,
but I know I should move on from that,
I keep getting side tracked,
but I will be greatful forever more,
for that man in blue uniform.
I just hope he knows,
that him listening really did change my life,
and even though I went under the knife,
it’s nice that he rescued me,
that he spent years doing a degree,
to make people better and to be,
the best he could possibly be,
thankyou for opening more doors,
here’s to the man in blue uniform.

A little bit deep for Tesco’s

overheard conversation at Tesco’s

Admin fees will be banned !

So…in June this year all letting agency’s will be unable to charge admin fees on rented properties, by law.

This is a very positive move, but I’m cautious about this movement because I think there will always be a repercussion?

I think letting agency’s will end up charging more on top of deposits or landlords will raise rental amounts. Something or someone will do something else to get extra money ! (In my opinion)

* However…. a few agency’s have started to look at an alternative way for tenants to pay deposits also. Because deposits can end up being extremely expensive on top of first months rent and many can not afford to pay both or struggle to pay both. Therefore some deposits are being replaced with ‘Reposit’, this is where a tenant is asked to pay a weeks rent.


Reposit offers tenants the chance to purchase one weeks worth of rent to secure a property, rather than the usual month in hand or more.

At the same time, the Landlord becomes a named beneficiary on Reposit’s insurance policy and is protected for up to six-weeks rent; anything that a deposit would have covered.

If the tenant then stays in the property for the next year, they need to pay an annual fee of £30.


Just wondering what people thought of this ?

And should we be celebrating the news of abolished admin fees this year ? 🙂


Also for people who may be unfamiliar with what many have to pay when moving it currently looks a little like this:


First months rent : 500

Deposit: 500 sometimes added an 100

Admin fee for single person: 170

Couple: 200

Admin charge for guarantor: 60-80

(Some letting agency’s won’t let you let unless you earn 3 times the amount of the rent. Some agency’s will return admin costs if you don’t get the house some don’t and keep hold of admin fees, and can be from multiple people who have applied.)

Reposit raises £500,000 to offer cheaper deposits to tenants

Universal what?

Ok so this week has been very testing.

I made a claim almost 2 weeks ago and I have been informed I will not receive a payment until the 12th of April.

When asked at my appointment what will I live off for another month I replied with “well I don’t know?”

Then I was told I have a choice.

They said I could take out a loan, 0 interest (oh that’s ok) but 100 a month to pay back! So I started off my claim in debt.

But the terrible thing is I don’t really have a choice do I? What am I supposed to do? Rely on food banks for 4 weeks ? Not pay my rent on time and get in debt with the bills?

What is wrong with the system?

I don’t want to go on and on and on , I am happy after being so unwell that there is a system there to help. But at the same time I am being made to feel like a criminal, like a waster. I am being forced into debt . So many unethical points on this, I have not choice. And futhermore what about people who have no mental capacity to make sure a decision even though it really isn’t one. Do people just wait a month don’t eat stay at home I’m fear.

It does not surprise me that as a country we are facing the highest levels of anxiety and mental illness.

And fellow journalists I ask you this investigate the rippling effect this is going to have on people in domestic abusive situations. A daunting 5 week wait for a claim in a council hostel or BnB is going to comprise so many peoples plans to escape or get help. Fear about money and survival .



Hello April!💗✌️🎤🤣

Good evening everyone! ❤️

so today has been a busy day….

I went along to women of words in Hull and really enjoyed it.

it’s made me realise that I havent even half done my journey as a poet I have lots to work on. Especially spoken word and my confidence and writing skills. I know it will get there eventually.

Also today marks the day that I’ve reached 1000 followers on Twitter. Want to thank everyone again for all the comments encouragement and support.

Thanks for following me on this journey…



Apps given to disadvantaged parents to educate children

This really frustrates me, what about parents who don’t have the internet or a phone that can use apps (does happen) or what if the parents can’t understand the apps.

(is this going to be the suggestions from health visitors and social workers)

I say maybe stop closing all the sure-starts aka children’s centres and interactive programmes to help new parents, you can’t replace social interaction with a few apps Gov !

Children get far too much pressure and it shouldn’t be a pressure at home.

Families in disadvantages may need more support than apps?

I’m on the fence with this one…

Parents will benefit from interactive learning tools and text message tips to support children’s early language and literacy at home, as part of a society-wide push to make sure children start school ready to learn.

being mum

I wake up

the mornings are early

they suck

I never get chance to brush my teeth

or eat

I’ve been meaning to wash my hair since the day before yesterdays tea


I’m a mess

I still have maternity clothes

and I’m not planning on being pregnant again

I’m still not used to ironing

daily chores fall behind

putting rubbish in recycling bin seems to be a crime

I frequently have little ‘me’ time

….and when I finally sit down to watch TV at an advert I cry!

slave in the kitchen from 9 till 9

most the time I’m feeling fine

‘Being mum’

I wouldn’t change it because my children create it

and I’ve been warned of how time fly’s

so just to re rewind

I love them so

I have so many memories I wont let go

even if sometimes my days covered in snow

being mum is worth it you know…



The greedy landlord

More, more, more,

Said the pocket of the man, who’s pocket could pick a car, a house, a mansion house,

Two mansion homes.

4 cars.

More, more, more,

Begged the pit of the pocket of the man,

Who never had loose change,

Never felt a coin,

But a note,

A 50 pound note,


More, more, more,

Cried the bottom of the pit of the pocket of the suit of the man,

Now he had so many cars he lost count,

He had a wife,

But she was never about,

Probably exploiting him,

But he didn’t really care.


More, ,more, more,

Please asked the small enveloped shaped pocket,

On the prick that didn’t give a shit about the people at the bottom of the tree,

If they didn’t earn enough he didn’t think that they seemed fit,

But one day,

The pit of the pocket will fade away,

And to a surprise,

It may produce a hole,

Bigger than his entire worth,

Bigger and bigger it will become,

The fibers of the threads will become,


And the money he once had will become none,

The cars the fancy houses,

All he will have left is the body he once gave breath,

And the fancy trousers.