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Perhaps a little bit of bother would solve a little bit of nothing, that’s going nowhere , just a smidge, a little teeny tiny bit of bother, just a little bit, teeny weeny,

helpful handy,

merry happy,

fun lucky,

perhaps teeny tiny bit of money, teeny tiny bit of friends, pretending like the worlds about to end…


The Early Hour Sadness

Welcome to my NEW Category! viewer discretion advised some poems may trigger upset, my poetry and the poetry I share is mainly adult content.

Early hours sadness

It’s 05:30 am.

I can’t sleep.

I wonder when.

I will again…

Thoughts are whirling round my head.

About my back, my ex, my bed,

My children lying next to me,

Beautiful, sleeping peacefully,

The ones I need to stay strong for,

To keep safe, and love, forevermore.

But in this moment I am weak,

My tears stream, I feel so bleak,

But remember while I feel forlorn,

The night is darkest ‘fore the dawn’

Brightness will came back to me,

Once again I’ll be happy,

I close my eyes,

I take a breath…

and sleep finds me.

Deep as death.

Exclusive2019 – Poetry By Anon