Rubber ball

I should probably go out But I don’t feel there’s anywhere to go That I belong And I did this once or twice before Then I had people knocking at the door All I’d give is to be alone But at the same time to be at the other end of your phone Just so … Continue reading Rubber ball


Perhaps a little bit of bother would solve a little bit of nothing, that's going nowhere , just a smidge, a little teeny tiny bit of bother, just a little bit, teeny weeny, helpful handy, merry happy, fun lucky, perhaps teeny tiny bit of money, teeny tiny bit of friends, pretending like the worlds about … Continue reading Perhaps


depression is an illness that knows no forgiveness. depression is deadly and can take over if you let it depression is cunning and scarily addictive can cast out a shadow of your worst fears and doubts depression is a dementure that takes over your soul, it feeds off your body it can swallow you whole, … Continue reading Deadly