I always get tanned toes Because I put suncream on up to my elbows And who knows If you’ll stay or if you’ll go? I see that’s just how things tend to be Tomorrow I don’t know who I will be Seasons change like my personality Really, I shouldn’t care what you think of me … Continue reading Toes


Your face it shines like baby smooth skin even though your 20 something. Your hair its silk lets anyone in and if you're on a mission to find a man then I will give you the tips of what you should do and cant people gonna be jealous of where you're at and stealing your … Continue reading Youth

1 night

1 night turned into 3 week stay. This was no holiday vacation Whole summer trapped inside Womens screams oxygen tanks knocking and equipment bashing How people work here is beyond me it’s a strength no one mentions. Midwives don’t show much emotion on their face Recycling bin blue uniform of midwifery wear flashes in corners … Continue reading 1 night


Mother handed plastic crutches to get out of the hospital For it is her turn to be free even if her lack of ability to walk is questionable New baby is fine and healthy so she must be let go Her bed made readily available With crisp hard cotton sheets reapplied Maternity ward must free … Continue reading Mother

Cigarette tossed ash tray.

Your the cigarette tossed in the mountain of ash, The kisses I felt but you didn’t ask. A piece of my memory now part of my past, The scrunched up wrapper from a walk on the sand. A hand on the gear stick and a better plan, Someone somewhere knows who I am, someone somewhere … Continue reading Cigarette tossed ash tray.

Drive by.

Do you drive by these parts? Following fragments of my shattered heart? Do you ever walk by ? Does my profile ever catch your eye? Are you even still alive! Or just lust the torment inside my mind. Is everything all fictional ? Are emotions all subliminal ? Could it be tomorrow or today? Do … Continue reading Drive by.


Hello everyone, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to blog for awhile been hectic few months with the lockdown and having the kids at home juggling what I have left of a degree! as well as preparing for this years SheFest in East Riding . As always I am great full for everyone who comes … Continue reading Update