the world is a c*nt daddy… warning strong language

you told me not to fall pregnant in my teens, you told me that i should make sure im clean, swearing for a girl is mean, you made sure that i didn't wear to much make up and to not be keen ... but you didn't say that the world is a c*nt daddy ! … Continue reading the world is a c*nt daddy… warning strong language

Wind up

You wind me up on purpose To spark a reaction Talk about girls Your random attractions Obsessing over tits and arse That's not an attractive idea That's not an attractive look And that's not a way to get me to fuck But you continue to act like a puppy on speed A man with crack … Continue reading Wind up


Nearly 2 years ago the family was illegally evicted from Hotham Road Hull, landlord had a live wire in the garden whilst the children was off during the summer holidays. During that time we had a roof that leaked all over the bedroom and a collapsing fence where dogs would chew through and run into … Continue reading Evicted