Dilated, It's a race against time, And you don't want to wait. You climb on top of me, And eyes dilate. You kiss me like it's supposed to be, And you act as though it's love. Then wake to start it all again, This bitter dangerous love. Like rope we split with hairy edges, Almost … Continue reading Dilated.

So cial

Dear, I was socially distancing long before social distancing became interesting, I would wait all day until the last minute or hour in the day to get my grocery’s, Or wake up very early to be the first one in the shop, I was so cially distancing myself at work, school, play, I really hate … Continue reading So cial


There is a mental health in everyone, It doesn't mean you are ill, or there is anything wrong, We are all on different paths, Everyone has a habit, trait, or nervousness, anxiety, Everyone suffers guilt, Feelings are so powerful, Learning how to communicate is hard, There is a mental health in everyone, We can help … Continue reading MH