Whilst I’ve been in Hell.

Where where you? Whilst I cried into my pillows like a hungry newborn, Held my stomach as it bled, received the awful news, What held you back? Don’t tell me traffic or I will laugh, Where where you? Whilst I chopped and lifted heavy items to the road side , Lifted and carted collected memories … Continue reading Whilst I’ve been in Hell.


What shall I forgive you for? The rocking back and forth? The torture I was your daughter So tell me what shall I forgive you for? You set fire to my soul Then tied me down with rocks Into the river So I could no longer float Tell me father, is that my freedom? Or … Continue reading No


You are sweet So sweet I see your inner child The one you’ve longed to meet And he needs healing So you can grow And be the man now That you know Sweetie, you need to stop beating yourself up You’ve lost time And that sucks You can’t rewind So enough! Just do what you … Continue reading sweetie


I feel like I’ve had a cannonball Shot through me I have a huge hole That everyone can see I feel limbless Lifeless Floppy Intensely tired Groggy I’m angry at you Then I’m angry at myself Then I’m angry at everybody else. I try so hard to forgive you Because I want to Because I … Continue reading Cannonball


Anything I say Makes the situation worse It’s like I’m constantly reminded Of my past like it’s a curse And you don’t even answer Or care how much this hurts I really do hope that I’m this is a satisfied choice And I’m so sorry that you don’t see me For who I am I … Continue reading worse


Do you really think That we can part Go separate ways And live apart Because I have tried And I have fought I have met many men And left them distraught Because they are not the ones on my mind You are.

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I enjoyed the thought many a time, I must accept our separate lives, In sadness there is blessing, and I am sure I will find the meaning to everything, in due time. I must carry on live as a mother, and you must carry on living as you will. though it is sad, that I … Continue reading the thought #poetry #writing #imwriting #Writer #amwriting #saddness #grief #goodbye

A dream

I dreamt of you, I fell asleep staring into the clouds above the boulevard I watched them until they drifted away and revealed the stars I listened to the crickets and the mice scurry I smelt the ash from the BBQ further down the street I smiled when the work men finally put down their … Continue reading A dream


He wants that type of love Where when you wake up Your always on their mind He wants that true connection where if there is something off or wrong The other person can telepathically tell That sort of realtionship Where if your in hell then they’re in hell as well. He wants that type of … Continue reading HE WANTS