I dont want your man

He makes out that I'm half the woman, And maybe I fell in love with the wrong one. Yeah he may have been partially available, But to be honest I dont want your man. He dreams about you, you know, Even though he lays next to me, I know it's not where he wants to … Continue reading I dont want your man

Wind up

You wind me up on purpose To spark a reaction Talk about girls Your random attractions Obsessing over tits and arse That's not an attractive idea That's not an attractive look And that's not a way to get me to fuck But you continue to act like a puppy on speed A man with crack … Continue reading Wind up


I like ripping packets  Smelling fresh rubber plastic, Blowing it up and gasping Each time  As I run out of breathe  I like feeling the bounce  When it's full of what was lungs  Chlorine in swimming pools factor 50 on my elbows. Burnt red nose And peeling back ... the ice pop pack Crunching it in my … Continue reading Eyes


Nearly 2 years ago the family was illegally evicted from Hotham Road Hull, landlord had a live wire in the garden whilst the children was off during the summer holidays. During that time we had a roof that leaked all over the bedroom and a collapsing fence where dogs would chew through and run into … Continue reading Evicted