Dear my darling 22/05/20

20/05/20 Dear my darling You make me want to change for the better Lately. I’ve even been trying to organise my life! How strange, that might be, to me. Someone who lives for chaos and lavishes odd socks. Dear my darling, I hope that you are ok I know deep down you’re cracking up Why … Continue reading Dear my darling 22/05/20

The mortgage

You was having recent conversations About the mortgage repayments I was never there to help you guide you on this decision You would say it’s nothing to do with me if I asked But I know for a fact you would still want my input.


I cannot contemplate The significant suffering That brought you here I cannot comprehend How dare I try to compare For pebbles I hand to you You let them fall between your fingers For flowers I hand to you You let them wilt into your body heat For paper with letters I bring You peel them … Continue reading Cannot

the bully

& the bully gains the fans the freedom the fame Hearts been slain. I’m satin Shiny I hang above the hologram of us. I droop I’m quenched. No matter how many pretty petals I pull I remain hungry. The hunger satisfies the bully. I collapse. In desperate desires. I dropped the seed, Because if my … Continue reading the bully


Today I am not battered I am not bruised I do not have a broken arm Or shattered limb So when you look at me I look normal. Today I am not hemorrhaging I am not showing scars So when I sit in your car From the corner of your eye I look Fine.