Incredibly greatful

Hey everyone just wanted to say good morning to you all and hello ! I started this wordpress poetry journey almost a year ago with no subscribers! And managed to attract 100 followers. You inspire me to keep returning, thankyou so much for your support. There many many talented people on here too I hope … Continue reading Incredibly greatful


I can’t remember, Why am here, I’m so lost. I can’t remember your face, Can’t remember the sense of your body, I’m lost. I’ve been walking around this room, for so long, Figuring out what’s been going on, I turn on the light and your still gone. Darkness, gives me some comfort. I can’t remember … Continue reading I.O.U


It doesnt really matter, Just take off for tonight, Dance when it feels right, And fly when the air can give you flight, With all your might. Dance girl, Worries can be resolved, theres a solution for every single one. If there isnt there is no point in getting worried, Dance girl dance....