Occasionally I am angry and that feeling I hoped would change I felt angry as a child and now an adult I feel the same Occasionally im angry im angry at the change you left my spirit hanging now im laying in your chains A child thats grown from hunger of seeing pain inside the … Continue reading Angry


I can dance in the shower with my tits swaying back and forth if I want to, and I can climb these god damn walls if I want to! didn't your mother ever tell you, rules, are meant to be broken? and if my soul is half-destroyed then there's nothing wrong with continuing to destroy … Continue reading Tits


It's like ecstasy running through me heartbeat thumping through my ears, thrilling breathless at the slightest bit of danger turns me on makes it right my mind with so many channels to pick and decide and doors to open exciting, fun breathless, my chest hurts from happy bursts of joy from inside me.  

New Book ‘I was Anxious’, will be out soon! I’m working on it !

Hey guys, I've made some books already mainly pamphlets of poetry from my blog and instagram! You can get them on Amazon, I've set them at the lowest price possible and I dont make any money because I just love writing and I wanted to share it with you all and book format has been … Continue reading New Book ‘I was Anxious’, will be out soon! I’m working on it !