when will you 13july2019

when will you realise, that I'm only here, by your side. drowning inside your lies, burry me deep in your eyes, when will you open your mind? see im sat, I'm by your side. treat me like a piece of dirt? rub my face in shit, until I'm hurt. why is it not enough? that, … Continue reading when will you 13july2019

I loved you. And you stole away everything, You stole my innocence, My vulnerability, To trust and believe in, You ruined me, I am angry, And angry is not what you like from me, You want me vulnerable, Easy, You want me to be weak. You want me, To shut the fck up incase your … Continue reading


I can’t remember, Why am here, I’m so lost. I can’t remember your face, Can’t remember the sense of your body, I’m lost. I’ve been walking around this room, for so long, Figuring out what’s been going on, I turn on the light and your still gone. Darkness, gives me some comfort. I can’t remember … Continue reading I.O.U