Working class white boy.

Dear working class white boy, Put down your PlayStation toy, Get out and knuckle down, Get up and on your feet, Get out and off the street, Working class white boy. You could be anything you dreamed, Get out of this heartbreak hell.Stand up and break the spell, Get out your bedroom cell, Working class … Continue reading Working class white boy.


Nearly 2 years ago the family was illegally evicted from Hotham Road Hull, landlord had a live wire in the garden whilst the children was off during the summer holidays. During that time we had a roof that leaked all over the bedroom and a collapsing fence where dogs would chew through and run into … Continue reading Evicted


I can’t remember, Why am here, I’m so lost. I can’t remember your face, Can’t remember the sense of your body, I’m lost. I’ve been walking around this room, for so long, Figuring out what’s been going on, I turn on the light and your still gone. Darkness, gives me some comfort. I can’t remember … Continue reading I.O.U