Its Monday..

The weekend has been a drag, last night you was helping me prepare for my uni degree, you went through my timetable. It was really sweet. I told you a little more about the degree and you was laughing because it seemed like such a long time for you. You said that if there was … Continue reading Its Monday..


I can’t remember, Why am here, I’m so lost. I can’t remember your face, Can’t remember the sense of your body, I’m lost. I’ve been walking around this room, for so long, Figuring out what’s been going on, I turn on the light and your still gone. Darkness, gives me some comfort. I can’t remember … Continue reading I.O.U


It wasn’t supposed to be like this, Your body gone along the cliff, Your shadow dance along the wall, Can’t take it down, I hope you know, I spent so much time chasing you, I spent so much time to make things new, I’m burnt, I’m broken, along the bones, of the ground, amongst the … Continue reading Wing