Cigarette tossed ash tray.

Your the cigarette tossed in the mountain of ash, The kisses I felt but you didn’t ask. A piece of my memory now part of my past, The scrunched up wrapper from a walk on the sand. A hand on the gear stick and a better plan, Someone somewhere knows who I am, someone somewhere … Continue reading Cigarette tossed ash tray.

Drive by.

Do you drive by these parts? Following fragments of my shattered heart? Do you ever walk by ? Does my profile ever catch your eye? Are you even still alive! Or just lust the torment inside my mind. Is everything all fictional ? Are emotions all subliminal ? Could it be tomorrow or today? Do … Continue reading Drive by.

Incomplete poem

Youve got nothing on me with your sharp tongue and negativity nothing. You're about to slip up, oh aint that a shame, and I got nothing left, not even blame, you got nothing on me no temptations, no broken rules just to be with you,