Working class white boy.

Dear working class white boy, Put down your PlayStation toy, Get out and knuckle down, Get up and on your feet, Get out and off the street, Working class white boy. You could be anything you dreamed, Get out of this heartbreak hell.Stand up and break the spell, Get out your bedroom cell, Working class … Continue reading Working class white boy.

I was anxious-Part 23- theres always rain after a storm.

For the best part things seemed to be bubbling over for me mentally. In reflection Summer greated us with tremendous thunder storms. I remember you texting me one evening when you went round the corner to play warhammer games with a friend. The lightening was so bright and the thunder was a beautiful drumming sound … Continue reading I was anxious-Part 23- theres always rain after a storm.


Don't stop writing, Let words give you courage to keep on, Fighting. Let flames go on their own, Without you smouldering them.... Let the damage burn, Don't touch. Let them cool whilst you recover them, Don't stop writing, For it is your freedom to feel whatever you wish, Without the judgement of harsh characters, In … Continue reading Fighting