can’t win

cant win ~ damaged only slightly waiting for                     a might be could be should be hideous in the                   day time hidden in the                                … Continue reading can’t win

deep sweets

deep sweets in deep dreams... lands of unknown, friends from unfamiliar places, faces hidden, sidewalks frosting over, I remember walking down it, the path it became, slimmer and slimmer, in deep sweet dreams... × mum used to say sweet dreams but the dreams all blend, faze into the days, dramatic, hectic, mangled mess, shouting and … Continue reading deep sweets

I’m published! ❤️

Find my book on amazon free to download on kindle!  Waiting for a paperback also! thankyou again for all your support and encouragement 😍 I need you to spread the word and help me develop as an artist and writer. I have 3 five star reviews  I know there are some blibs and errors  … Continue reading I’m published! ❤️