Self destruction button

I bet you wish You did it better I bet you wish You could forget her See these marks around my wrists Marks from rope Tied up from frustrations Restrictions Heavy weights pull me down I sink in deep Footprints in mud stay cemented These paths I walk I’m judged Barely made it But I’m … Continue reading Self destruction button


I can dance in the shower with my tits swaying back and forth if I want to, and I can climb these god damn walls if I want to! didn't your mother ever tell you, rules, are meant to be broken? and if my soul is half-destroyed then there's nothing wrong with continuing to destroy … Continue reading Tits


I’ve been racing and chasing against the clock And in my hand A letter to reach you Some how I got lost I’ve been running through the station Crossing over the wires Holding on to messages It took me days and hours A letter in hand Riding through rain on horse Then walking through tracks … Continue reading Letter