Becoming ghost.

You said you wouldn't be like them, Come home from work , And ask why all the pots havent been done . Whilst I've been with the kids all day , You said you wouldnt expect that . You'd take the slack and be apart , Digging your nails and fingers into the sink , … Continue reading Becoming ghost.


Remember memories are in the past. The past cannot hurt you. Sharing for enjoyment. Sharing to self soothe. Sharing to entertain. Remember it's part of getting rid of brain junk. Remember it's just a story. Remember you are still you at the end of this journey. Not everyone will agree or like. You dont owe … Continue reading Remember


Maybe you'll return And I need to be prepared I know I'm only fooling myself But at least I might be heard You keep cutting me off Treating me like I'm not even alive And that alright I guess pain is worth the part Where you held me tight Maybe you'll return Or maybe I'm … Continue reading Return


Do you remember the fall? I've seen it all, I've seen you, Putting my makeup on and you stand around me. Tell me you think I'm pretty without it and theres no need. Glancing up at the bathroom mirror. And I see you stand there. You remember the fall? It was harder than the autumn. … Continue reading Fall