If you’ve come here because you’ve got a gut feeling about a man you’re seeing... you’re right


Wedding I dreamt about our weddingGirls dressed as flower girlsAnd a page boy bearing rings. I dreamt about our weddingOn an autumn eveOr summers dayOr winter corridorI wouldn’t mind where, how or what,Our love would value more. But it seemsI never get that far. A dark cloud follows me.In every path I’m faced with.But still … Continue reading Wedding


Rain. It’s somethingI could write about over and overthe rain, it could never bring me misery. How a leaf curls openrain drops pearlDrip down to its ends. The rain bouncingOff surfaces,NaturallyCasually. The rain it couldneverbring me misery.

Groups, events and pages keeping Hulls writing voice alive during unprecedented times

Hello, I hope you are keeping well! Hull has been keeping really busy we have a number of groups and pages keeping writing spirits going and sharing peoples work which I just think is wonderful, so many would have just given up with live events completely halted and meet ups unable to happen. It’s important … Continue reading Groups, events and pages keeping Hulls writing voice alive during unprecedented times


I had a dream About us And oh how close we where An opposite to the reality of life when I wake up But if I say in the dream I wish to have remained I would be lying For I know dreams don’t last At least if I leave I can return to you

Lock down

Shouting across the street “He’s waiting for another lock down because apparently he doesn’t mind not getting paid” She said,  “They’ll start complaining once all this PPE fills up all the land fills.”


We sat in the garden Me and you You lit up a cigarette and sipped your coffee It was dark But it never feels dark in summer I started playing music And we flicked through And Foo Fighters came up We had a connection One that could last?