Unless your going to put a ring unless you want me to mean a thing unless you are listening then I am walking Unless you are here with me unless you drive and see unless you care Then i'm gone. Going, I know it wasn't for you to say and I know its up to … Continue reading unless


If you are loving me like you love your mother then you arent loving her. If your keeping me like you kept your goldfish then im floating in the death of your neglect If youre leaving like you left your child then youre no fighter If your loving me like you love your mother then … Continue reading mother

‘Sober’, out now, keep a lookout for the next lot of giveaways

August 2020 Dear reader,  The last few months have been testing, not just for me but for the whole country.  They opened up the pubs and they’ve opened up the parks again to the public. Kids sneaking about having house parties and apparently increasing the infection rates. Schools are reopening and people have been doing … Continue reading ‘Sober’, out now, keep a lookout for the next lot of giveaways

I’m tired

I’m tired of this griveing feelingYou made it very clear youre leavingI haven’t been doing much healingI’ve been feeling tired of this grieving feelingI wish you would just come put these problems to bedFill back the silence with talk insteadYou know there’s much to talk aboutWe’ve never had a fight, never had a shout.


I waited 1000 hours1000 daysIn hope you might remember my nameYou always said it was loveBut now I’ve become your glass half fullI didn’t pity you but you pity meAnd I’m slowly learning how to breatheI still wonder why I still wonder if you wanted to be in my life Even after all this timeI … Continue reading 1000