my pain allows you to exploit me

My pain is a gateway for your games my pain is the only way you can restrain and my pain allows me to be weak being weak means I dont think for weeks and Im tired of people getting me down you get in my head and takes me ages to get back to being … Continue reading my pain allows you to exploit me


It’s over now Thank god It’s over now and you can blame me all you like yeah all you want, but it’s over now. I don’t want to live with you constant shouting, Smashing up my house and screaming, it’s collateral. Too dramatical. I need practical something calming Soothing, sooth.


your pearls of wisdom grind my teeth but you pull me in like Malibu and ice cream your face is wrong you're blunt you're toxic like a summers nights bad dream im waking up but fallin in deep forcing my fingers in a live socket you shock my body i'm burning badly in a boxing … Continue reading Pearls