As smooth as milk across my lips

I thought I knew where I was going, But then I thought about you again today, I thought how you make my skin crawl, If I was in the same room as you, But then I thought about your voice, How it would guide me through the darkest hour, Like silk, As smooth as milk … Continue reading As smooth as milk across my lips

Incompleted poem

Each day Each day arrives Like a drum beat Falling. Each day counted, I'm a little bit further away from worry, I dont want to hurry, But I dont want to be closer, To a conclusion, If that would be ok? Each day.. Like an unknown bite of an apple. Which one is poisoned? ...


I didnt fit into your 'realm', Your fantasy world, And I didnt even want to use or try a bong, Maybe I should have tried the spliff, Had a drink, Thinking now maybe we would have got along, Danced our dance, sang our song, But I didnt.


Everything so fragile Scared. You always looked at me Like I would get mad or something. Always asking for permission, About something in my kitchen, I trusted you, you silly thing...

I loved you. And you stole away everything, You stole my innocence, My vulnerability, To trust and believe in, You ruined me, I am angry, And angry is not what you like from me, You want me vulnerable, Easy, You want me to be weak. You want me, To shut the fck up incase your … Continue reading