Steve (sorry if anyone's called Steve) Steve your like a pattern on the wall that I don't really like but can't be bothered to change Steve your the prime example of a soft centered cream egg hard on the outside but melt between the teeth Steve you angered me greatly used my generosity abused my … Continue reading Steve


I miss you... still I hate every lingering habit I picked up from you every shoulder shrug every empty hug every empty rumble from not eating from anxiety before arriving at yours... I miss you.... Still... I miss that I can't fucking text and if I do ill become a crazy ex I hate that … Continue reading Still


depression is an illness that knows no forgiveness. depression is deadly and can take over if you let it depression is cunning and scarily addictive can cast out a shadow of your worst fears and doubts depression is a dementure that takes over your soul, it feeds off your body it can swallow you whole, … Continue reading Deadly