I lived with mum then dad.

I grew up with dad, then with mum, then with dad, and now with mum, then back with dad, but at mums house she had an ashtray full of little bits of trash and cigarette ash, a hamster that bit through the metal parts of the cage and ran away, at mums house it was … Continue reading I lived with mum then dad.


I've been getting this horrible heart sensations, and terrible palpitations, i thought my anxiety, would never get the best of me, but its only been a week. I didn't think it would be heart break. ----------------------------------------------------- I've been getting these terrible dreams, they come and go as they please, and in the day, bad negative … Continue reading heart


Remember memories are in the past. The past cannot hurt you. Sharing for enjoyment. Sharing to self soothe. Sharing to entertain. Remember it's part of getting rid of brain junk. Remember it's just a story. Remember you are still you at the end of this journey. Not everyone will agree or like. You dont owe … Continue reading Remember