Then there was you. 9th January 2019

Its been a few gloomy Sundays, Mondays not fun days, A few hash tags to an old friend, An unsend, and an unfriend, Couple of unknown message requests, Some poking weirdo Facebook pests, Fridays are the grocery days, Few strange men staring quite obviously at my chest, I push the pram to the child department, … Continue reading Then there was you. 9th January 2019

Shower song

OK so I thought of this yesterday morning whilst having a shower. I was reading the bottles and I wanted to play with the words that manufactures use to sell their products. This is just a silly poem. Shower song Like shampoo I will leave you succulent and full of sense Fresh and revived Free … Continue reading Shower song


Jan/16 I'd have done everything and anything, Just to be by your side, I'd of made those scrambled eggs, Toast all fried, I can't believe the amount I've lost And I can't believe the amount I've cried, I feel so restless, I barely sleep, And I keep rubbing my eyes, The realisation that you really … Continue reading Lost


Your body, real, Solid. Your shadow seen, Grey, Dark around the sketching. Your body, real, A solid, Oxygen, atoms. Your body real, Legs, move, walk, Feet, drop, stomp, I lift your arms, Up Then Down They don't flop, because you look at me strangely and tense them. Your body real, Blood, A liquid, Bones a … Continue reading Vanish