#3 Pick Me Up

Pick me up in the pieces you left me in, collect my soul out of the wheelybin.   Dust me off and let me in, its been awhile so lets begin.   Strip Me Down and Fuck me in.   Off goes the bra, the clothes, I'm in. My hearts been racing since the Chinese … Continue reading #3 Pick Me Up


It's like ecstasy running through me heartbeat thumping through my ears, thrilling breathless at the slightest bit of danger turns me on makes it right my mind with so many channels to pick and decide and doors to open exciting, fun breathless, my chest hurts from happy bursts of joy from inside me.  


Would you please take the rubbish out, Its dragging under my feet, Peg the fucking washing out, I've cleaned it twice this week, Clean your dirty cups please, Get the crap up off the floor, All you do is swear at me, Nagging me for more, Clean the toilet! Clean the toilet seat!