why make me

why make me believe in fairies in the trees? why make me think that things always seemed like magic then leave me like a hat trick why make me think you was a great dad when you turned shit when you should have been here you cared more about finding a woman then then woman … Continue reading why make me


It’s over now Thank god It’s over now and you can blame me all you like yeah all you want, but it’s over now. I don’t want to live with you constant shouting, Smashing up my house and screaming, it’s collateral. Too dramatical. I need practical something calming Soothing, sooth.


If you are loving me like you love your mother then you arent loving her. If your keeping me like you kept your goldfish then im floating in the death of your neglect If youre leaving like you left your child then youre no fighter If your loving me like you love your mother then … Continue reading mother