I made you

I made you friendly Melted your feeble heart And in return You gave me broken shards of glass I held them tight in my grip Almost bled to death


I keep wondering if you regret the way you treated me, And if I didn’t see it as bad behaviour because I’d already been pretty badly abused previously. I used to blame you for the way you was. Now I don’t care. I don’t forgive you. I think it was awful that you told me … Continue reading M

Never enough.

I wrote you poems and books I laid sunbathed in sonnets Stitched fairy lights to fairies wings So they could see in the dark I weaved life sized mountains and forest landscapes from crochet Laid lakes and rivers with water coloured pencils Ordered then pre ordered then didn’t show up Shouted, kissed, shouted, kissed, shouted, … Continue reading Never enough.


Anticipation AnticipationHurts AnticipationHurts The bathroom tap drips to an unsynchronized beatAnticipation hurts. The water has changed I wonder oftenWas it something I said today?Or not at all? My mind wafer thin on energyI wish you wasn’t partly to blameI wish you didn’t contribute to the painBecause anticipation hurts! I am severely depressedWaking up is not … Continue reading Anticipation


For you I’d give you my heart Should your body brake, I’d give you my limbs If you couldn’t breathe, I’d give you my lungs Needed peace of mind, I’d give you no doubt For you I would love you entirely so From the tips of your body to the roots of your soul I … Continue reading All.

Cats and dogs

Animal friends : Cats and dogs He licks your handAnd she cries at the door,Constant affectionWho’d want anything more? Terrible animal fartsThey both do that too,Constantly crying and nagging for food. He walks beside youAnd she climbs the trees! He catches the ballAnd she brings me dead things. Complete polar oppositesBut with 4 paws and … Continue reading Cats and dogs


I feel like I’ve had a cannonball Shot through me I have a huge hole That everyone can see I feel limbless Lifeless Floppy Intensely tired Groggy I’m angry at you Then I’m angry at myself Then I’m angry at everybody else. I try so hard to forgive you Because I want to Because I … Continue reading Cannonball