Promise land.

You, Tricked me of a promise land, And foolish I, I took your hand, They laugh and cradle over me, As I stay inside for week, Embarrassed ashamed and frozen. People they ask me what I'm doing, If I have moved on, Because now your gone, And that's something I am supposed to be doing, … Continue reading Promise land.


It doesnt really matter, Just take off for tonight, Dance when it feels right, And fly when the air can give you flight, With all your might. Dance girl, Worries can be resolved, theres a solution for every single one. If there isnt there is no point in getting worried, Dance girl dance....


Maybe you'll return And I need to be prepared I know I'm only fooling myself But at least I might be heard You keep cutting me off Treating me like I'm not even alive And that alright I guess pain is worth the part Where you held me tight Maybe you'll return Or maybe I'm … Continue reading Return


Don't stop writing, Let words give you courage to keep on, Fighting. Let flames go on their own, Without you smouldering them.... Let the damage burn, Don't touch. Let them cool whilst you recover them, Don't stop writing, For it is your freedom to feel whatever you wish, Without the judgement of harsh characters, In … Continue reading Fighting