dream. 26 July 2019. you was in my dream, yet again, dreaming, dreaming, I never want to leave, if only you could stay, inside my dream. But how selfish would that be? every time I fall asleep... I see you change, become a better man... than you ever have! and nothing still, takes it away, … Continue reading dream


Don't stop writing, Let words give you courage to keep on, Fighting. Let flames go on their own, Without you smouldering them.... Let the damage burn, Don't touch. Let them cool whilst you recover them, Don't stop writing, For it is your freedom to feel whatever you wish, Without the judgement of harsh characters, In … Continue reading Fighting


Your body, real, Solid. Your shadow seen, Grey, Dark around the sketching. Your body, real, A solid, Oxygen, atoms. Your body real, Legs, move, walk, Feet, drop, stomp, I lift your arms, Up Then Down They don't flop, because you look at me strangely and tense them. Your body real, Blood, A liquid, Bones a … Continue reading Vanish