Valentines over

Where do all the teddies go?The ones who don't get taken home?When valentines day is done, the teddy's that noone wants,The flowers that noones bought,Where do all the teddies go?Now valentines day is over, Will they be sitting on the streets,Shivering for food to eat, Homeless bear.Or will she be desperate for love and sell … Continue reading Valentines over


Everything so fragile Scared. You always looked at me Like I would get mad or something. Always asking for permission, About something in my kitchen, I trusted you, you silly thing...

I loved you. And you stole away everything, You stole my innocence, My vulnerability, To trust and believe in, You ruined me, I am angry, And angry is not what you like from me, You want me vulnerable, Easy, You want me to be weak. You want me, To shut the fck up incase your … Continue reading