Everything, my all.

it might not be the most functional friendship,but I care about you till the end,I mean it.your talented and caring, in your own way.I can tell people have treated you the wrong way,and it hurts because I know there's people on this earth,that have not had to deal with the shit you have.your my everything, … Continue reading Everything, my all.


I like ripping packets  Smelling fresh rubber plastic, Blowing it up and gasping Each time  As I run out of breathe  I like feeling the bounce  When it's full of what was lungs  Chlorine in swimming pools factor 50 on my elbows. Burnt red nose And peeling back ... the ice pop pack Crunching it in my … Continue reading Eyes


Everything so fragile Scared. You always looked at me Like I would get mad or something. Always asking for permission, About something in my kitchen, I trusted you, you silly thing...