(adult content/visual upsetting language )     Baby's breath still warm from battle screeches and tugging of uncut cord from mothers wounds cold touch would be unjoyous bleeding gushes,  scars mark places where a human was once homed.   baby's breath gasping and face mottled skin colour pink oxygen new food, a new survival skill to … Continue reading baby

Drive by.

Do you drive by these parts? Following fragments of my shattered heart? Do you ever walk by ? Does my profile ever catch your eye? Are you even still alive! Or just lust the torment inside my mind. Is everything all fictional ? Are emotions all subliminal ? Could it be tomorrow or today? Do … Continue reading Drive by.


Hello everyone, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to blog for awhile been hectic few months with the lockdown and having the kids at home juggling what I have left of a degree! as well as preparing for this years SheFest in East Riding . As always I am great full for everyone who comes … Continue reading Update


Heavy eyes Weakened muscles Exhaustion comes in Exhaustion comes in And you wasn’t there when I needed you the most I swear I could have done with comforting when I needed it the most Unempathtic words meet unempathtic ghosts.

Incomplete poem

Youve got nothing on me with your sharp tongue and negativity nothing. You're about to slip up, oh aint that a shame, and I got nothing left, not even blame, you got nothing on me no temptations, no broken rules just to be with you,