This is out of my control, again.

Do you not think that we could start again ?SometimeGo back to the parts where you winded up at mineOr does the thought of me still chill you ? Its been an emotional month one of whichI'm not proud to admit ... Do you think we could start again ? With the hi helloI am a … Continue reading This is out of my control, again.

Incompleted poem

Each day Each day arrives Like a drum beat Falling. Each day counted, I'm a little bit further away from worry, I dont want to hurry, But I dont want to be closer, To a conclusion, If that would be ok? Each day.. Like an unknown bite of an apple. Which one is poisoned? ...


I didnt fit into your 'realm', Your fantasy world, And I didnt even want to use or try a bong, Maybe I should have tried the spliff, Had a drink, Thinking now maybe we would have got along, Danced our dance, sang our song, But I didnt.


Everything so fragile Scared. You always looked at me Like I would get mad or something. Always asking for permission, About something in my kitchen, I trusted you, you silly thing...