Mental Health

I have some mental health issues I need to get rid they've been asking for security codes hacking to get in.    

How does it feel?

How does it feel? when the ringtone has no line door knocks but there is no one inside Car goes but there is no one in the passenger side Alarm bells but not for the school ride How does it feel? the mug sits but with no tea Love is no longer eternity.  


Sex worries me Scares me It’s intimate And I always hate having sex with someone new I wish it could have always been the first one Or that the first time was right It’s bad that I have to keep moving on People say sex Helps with that ?


Maybe I underestimated The places you’ve been taking me lately You keep on coming back Even when I bite at you And there’s nothing you can really do I don’t like you And seriously I can’t be crushing I’m too old for that Maybe I’m a little bit in love.