It near enough kills me, Knowing I'm not enough, and you hurt me so bad, that I hurt you back. I have stooped so low, I recognise that. and im sorry... but sorrys not even significant enough anymore, I will forever feel that I didn't do enough, but its ok, we all make mistakes, but … Continue reading spinning


My hearts suffocating. This isn’t the end. It’s destroying my soul. This isn’t the end . Was this always your goal? This isn’t the end. My heart a million pieces, tiny, shattered, sharp deathly edges, Blood pours out from the screams of my shadow, At last I think I’m starting to get shallow, Where my … Continue reading Key

oh shit.

oh shit, imagine that. I took them keys, to this bigger house, these bigger plans, that you had. oh shit, imagine that. you'd have your way, wouldn't you. we would have all these luxuries, cause oh shit, you was telling me, imagine that, and we spend years doing this shit, ripping each other apart, and … Continue reading oh shit.


Pull down this zip On the outside of my body I want to unwind to somebody Jazz music plays blasts out the saxophone So tired of crying and dancing alone I want those street lights amber casting down on me rain puddles kicked every drop landing Pull down this zip unwind my body i'm tired … Continue reading zip