And tonight, I relapse, So what you gonna do? Get the rule book out, And scream at me rule by rule? Tonight I relapse, Back into the monster I got rid, I've been battling insomnia , Whilst babys drool falls on to the bib. I am screaming out for comfort, As I stare around the … Continue reading Relapse


I've been getting this horrible heart sensations, and terrible palpitations, i thought my anxiety, would never get the best of me, but its only been a week. I didn't think it would be heart break. ----------------------------------------------------- I've been getting these terrible dreams, they come and go as they please, and in the day, bad negative … Continue reading heart

oh shit.

oh shit, imagine that. I took them keys, to this bigger house, these bigger plans, that you had. oh shit, imagine that. you'd have your way, wouldn't you. we would have all these luxuries, cause oh shit, you was telling me, imagine that, and we spend years doing this shit, ripping each other apart, and … Continue reading oh shit.