Goodbye tears

We made love in this room We grew familiar You took a chance and did whatever We made love in this room And you made me think feel that the next parts would be familiar I took the risk and undressed my skin I let you look and touch me, feel I took a risk … Continue reading Goodbye tears


There is a mental health in everyone, It doesn't mean you are ill, or there is anything wrong, We are all on different paths, Everyone has a habit, trait, or nervousness, anxiety, Everyone suffers guilt, Feelings are so powerful, Learning how to communicate is hard, There is a mental health in everyone, We can help … Continue reading MH

morning text

I remember, Saturday's they fucking sucked. You taught me the way. maybe it wasn't love. Woken by a text Every morning Hello gorgeous Made my day And now I wish I didn't dream it away Hello beautiful How are you? And now I look I don't know what to do...