Sad eyes in October sky

sky umbrella with layers blue, purple,  pink, and orange too,  the death of summer drift and sink. the sky above me, October, sad. the sky before me, open and drawn. clouds all hidden a canvas plain,  sad eyes encounter towards November fall,  sad eyes they hide in December rain, October comes and so does pain.  … Continue reading Sad eyes in October sky


things will never be the same, when someone dies that's it, there is no more conversation with them, no more time with them, only places that you remember going, drinks you remember them drinking, phrases you remember them saying, their face stays with you for awhile but after a few years you forget and their … Continue reading …London


I've been getting this horrible heart sensations, and terrible palpitations, i thought my anxiety, would never get the best of me, but its only been a week. I didn't think it would be heart break. ----------------------------------------------------- I've been getting these terrible dreams, they come and go as they please, and in the day, bad negative … Continue reading heart